Leave No Man Behind


Description Edit A special Memorial Day program held jointly with Union Historical Society, about the work of the Fallen American Veterans Foundation, dedicated to the repatriation of the 32,000 US Military Personnel Missing In Action deemed recoverable by the U.S. Department of Defense.


Plant and Bake Sale

8am - 1pm

At Union Common

Our ever popular annual sale of freshly potted, hardy, local plants, especially perennials. The sale offers hundreds of high-quality perennials, herbs, vegetable seedlings and shrubs. This annual event is one of the latest plant sales in the area each spring and is an excellent opportunity to stock up on well-adapted and reasonably-priced plants for the garden. Experienced gardeners will be on hand to offer advice and help with plant selection. As always, the plant sale is complimented by our famous Bake Sale, featuring delicious treats prepared by Vose Library volunteers. All proceeds benefit the Library. For further information or to donate additional plants for the sale, call Zoe FitzGerald-Beckett at 785-4740. Rain or shine!


Come Spring Chronicles


Vose Library, in partnership with the Come Spring Players, is hosting their 4th annual rehearsal of the Come Spring Chronicles. Readings from Ben Ames Willliam's novel Come Spring, the story of the settling of Union, have been adapted for performance. The event is a public rehearsal of the cast, who will be performing throughout the year. The intimate setting at the library and much laughter give the audience an informal look at how the actors and reader make adjustments to portray the characters, and allow them to more easily connect with the themes of the novel. The Come Spring Players welcome new cast members.


Monday Craft Night

5pm - 7pm

Bring your handwork (knitting, quilting, etc...) and enjoy a night out with some good conversation.


Get Set for Summer Reading


Get ready to read this summer! Games and activities for all ages. Sign up for the Summer Reading program and learn how you can earn chances to win a bicycle in our Bikes for Books Program, sponsored by the Union Masons.


Tech Tuesday

6pm - 8pm

Open hours with our tech experts. Bring questions and learn new skills. New tech from the holidays? Don’t forget your devices for hands-on learning, or use ours to learn general skills. Did you know you can use MARVEL databases to access Ancestry Library Edition, academic, magazine, and newspaper articles, and more? Or borrow downloadable audiobooks and ebooks from the library? Trouble using the services on your Kindle, iPad or mp3 player? Tech Tuesdays are a perfect time to come learn how!


Reading Rural Landscapes


Rob Sanford, author of Reading Rural Landscapes, will show PowerPoint slides of common landscape features ranging from plants and trees to stonewalls, cellar holes, and other altered landforms that show the dynamics of human-influenced change in the countryside. As a society, we know a great deal about famous people of the past, great historical architecture and important events of the past, but we are surrounded by common, everyday places that also represent history. Yet these ordinary things are in danger of becoming forgotten. Still, they are accessible and interpretable if we take the time to look. And they help us to understand the past. This presentation is for anyone who is curious about the remnants and features of a bygone New England countryside. What are some common clues to the past? How do we read them? What can we find in our own back yards? We will focus on some typical features and techniques for interpreting them as we process the “language” of the land in rural Maine. Participants are invited to share their own insights and experiences with local landscapes.