Held annually on Founders Day.

Congratulations to our 2012 top finishers!

First finisher, male: Rudolph, Eric, 15.52.50
First finisher, female: Battell, Cynthia, 22.38.39

Ages 0-19
first male: Derosby, Nick, 17.50.64
first female: Harris, Heidi, 26.15.48

Ages 20-29
first male, Rudolph, Eric, 15.52.50
next male: O’Donnell, Pat, 17.56.38
first female: Morrison, Abby, 30.59.87

Ages 30-39
first male: Casas, Joey, 19.42.47
first female: Harris, Heidi, 26.15.48

Ages 40-49
first male: Sorterup, Grant, 18.04.66
first female: Jacobs, Amanda, 23.36.24

Ages 50-59
first male: Murphy, Jim, 24.48.64
first female: Battell, Cynthia, 22.38.33

Ages 60-69
first male: Spinney, G., 24.48.64
first female: Dickey, Sarah, 29.44.33

Ages 70-79
first male: Metcalfe, John, 32.11.84

A big thank you to our generous sponsors:

Major Sponsors 2012
B. M. Clark Co. Inc.
Common Market (GES Inc.)
Camden National Bank
Smile Concepts

Sponsors 2012
The Badger Cafe
Crowning Touch Embroidery
Custom Woodworking and Upholstery
Damariscotta Bank and Trust
Four Corner Variety
Hammond Tractor
Savage Oakes Vineyard & Winery
Sweetgrass Winery

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