Jeff's bluebirdsThursday, May 1 at 7pm, join us to learn All About Bluebirds!
Bluebirds in midcoast Maine are threatened by the blowfly which kills hatchlings before they can fledge. Learn how to protect bluebirds and swallows by removing the infested nest and then returning the babies to a new nest. Worried about the parents rejecting them? It never happens. They immediately resume feeding their young.
This presentation by Jeff Nims includes many bluebird photos, including the removal process. Also learn about bluebird habitat, types of houses and orientation, protection from predators, feeding bluebirds with mealworms and how to build a mealworm feeder.
Jeff and his wife Betty have been protecting bluebirds and swallows at their farm on Clarry Hill for more than twenty years. Together, they have saved well over two hundred birds.

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