This workshop will cover common situations and some solutions: avoiding common playground altercations, handling name calling and teasing, protecting personal “space” and possessions, assessing appropriate defense, verbal skills to back off a bully, and physical escapes from grabs or pushes.

Kids should dress in comfortable clothes similar to what they would wear at school (for authenticity). Bring a water bottle if you have one. Space in each workshop is limited to 15 kids, to ensure individual attention and the best class experience. Please sign up early at the library, so that we have an idea of attendance. We will have a second session of the program on the same day if the response is big enough.

The start of a new school year brings with it new challenges for kids to face. Mr. Andrew of Midcoast Marital Arts will be teaching this workshop, which is designed to equip kids for a wide variety situations. Kids gain confidence when they know they have choices and alternatives to handle difficulties they may encounter.

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