Soup and Suspense

Enjoy a cozy meal of homemade soups and bread (donation encouraged), followed by a presentation by Maine Mystery Author, Anne Britting Oleson. Q & A and book signing to follow. 

Trunk or Treat!

Meet in the Library parking lot to enjoy Halloween-themed displays, candy and festive costumes! 

Volunteers are needed to display decorated vehicles and to contribute candy; those interested in helping to organize this fun annual event, please stop by to sign up or call the Library 207-785-4733.

Beekeeping in Your Maine Backyard

Vose Library is pleased to welcome the Knox-Lincoln County Beekeepers (KLCB) Community Outreach Group to present “Beekeeping in Your Maine Backyard”. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, July 31, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. at the library on 392 Common Road in Union. Presenters are KLCB beekeepers Peter Lammert of Thomaston and Jean Vose of Nobleboro.

This program provides information about honey bees including a history of honey bees in North America. It includes basic information on bee biology, the roles of bees in the hive, and will provide you with a look inside the hive and how to get started. In addition, techniques are given on how to promote and attract bees to your yard and garden; a beehive in the garden ensures a good seed crop and fresh honey for the table. Suggestions for providing food sources for these bees will be offered, and after the slide show presentation (and questions), there will be a hands-on demonstration. In addition, there will be handouts and an observation hive on site to view live bees.

Jean Vose has kept bees in her backyards for 33 years and is co-founder of KLCB. Peter Lammert is a well-known resident of Thomaston and has kept bees for more than 15 years. Both Vose and Lammert are backyard beekeepers and mentor in the counties for beginning beekeepers, and they teach at the annual beekeepers school each spring. For more information, visit KLCB at or visit the Vose Library at for more information about library programming.

6 Weeks of 4-H Science for 4th-7th Graders

Experience a Summer of Science with UMaine 4-H Leader, Kathryn Jenson.  Use the Engineer Design Process to investigate the Science of Ocean Water and confront real-world challenges.  Please register for individual classes at the front desk of  call the Library at (207)785-4733.  Limit 10 students.

July 9–Seaweed Filter

July 16–Layers of the Ocean

July 23–Salt Water Density

July 30–Catapults

August 6–Stretch Your Potential

August 13–Will it Light?

6 Weeks of Stories for K-3rd Graders

Enjoy a themed-story and a “space-craft” with visiting Children’s Librarian, Kristin Gould.  Please register for individual dates at the front desk or call the Library at 207-785-4733.  Limit 10 students.

July 10–Astronaut Adventures

July 17–Marvelous Moon

July 24–Sonic Superheroes

July 31–Stellar Stargazing

August 7–Planet Pluto

August 14–Universal Superstars

2019 Summer Reading Program KICK OFF

Register for the 2019 Summer Reading Program and exciting activities! Set personal reading goals to win prizes, including bikes and helmets from the Union Masons! Meet the program staff! Enjoy some pizza with family and friends!

All About Bluebirds with Jeff Nims

Learn about bluebird habitats, nesting boxes, parasites, predators and what to feed the bluebirds in summer and winter at this presentation with Bluebird Conservationist, Jeff Nims. He and his wife Betty have been protecting bluebirds and tree swallows on Clarry Hill in Union for more than 30 years!