Open House


1pm - 3pm

Vose Library in Union invites the public to our Open House. Come talk to us about what you hope for from the library, find out about ways to get involved, and meet current Board members and volunteers. Whether you are a regular library patron, or someone who simply has a desire to contribute to the community, this Open House is an opportunity to share your ideas for the library and discover how your interests and skills can support and strengthen the library, its programs, and the town of Union. A library is much more than books--it is a continuously evolving resource for the people of our community. Its ability to thrive and grow depends on the enthusiasm and vision of that community. Even a seemingly small investment of your time and ideas can make a difference, on a local, personal level, to Vose Library’s mission of advancing learning, inspiring curiosity, enriching lives, and promoting community. As a side benefit, putting your skills to use as a volunteer is satisfying, rewarding, and enjoyable. Volunteering is a great way to learn new things and meet local people with shared interests. Because we offer a wide variety of services, we need volunteers with varied skills, personalities, and talents. In short, if you have some time to volunteer, we need your talents! Please come to the open house on Saturday, April 1st, between 1 and 3 pm and talk with some of our current volunteers and board members to find out what it’s like to work at the library and what opportunities await you. Light refreshments will be served. Thank you for your help and support!