392 Common Road, Union, ME  04862

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

At Vose Library

392 Common Road, Union, ME 04862

In this talk, Erik will discuss the high-performance methods of building that we must adopt in order to secure our energy future. He will review the six tenants of the German Passivhaus standard and explain how they far exceed the current building code standards for new residential construction and the renovation of existing homes. Materials and methods will be discussed along with the economics of why building better, legacy structures should be considered for every home construction project. Erik will also touch on related topics such as Passivhaus approved high-efficiency components such as windows, heating and cooling systems, insulation products and some basic building science topics. This talk is suited for builders, designers, real estate agents, lenders or anyone who lives in a home and is interested in saving money and the planet.

Erik Durbas has worked in the construction industry for over two decades. His hands-on skills range from cabinet making to custom building, with the last 12 years having been focused solely on architectural design. He currently practices sustainable, energy efficient residential design from his home office in Union.