6:00pm - 7:00pm

Join Polly Brandoff, a nomad at heart, a sociocultural anthropologist, and a mom as she shares the experiences from her family's adventurous journey around the United States in 2019. She will reflect on the ups-and-downs of traveling across the country with her husband, a toddler, and a dog, while also working remotely. One sunny day in January 2019, Polly and her family gave up their Florida apartment, donated most of their furniture, moved their sentimental objects to a small storage container, and stuffed their car with everything they would live off of for a year. In search of a place to call home, they traveled across 22 states stopping for a week or for a month at different points of interest - exploring, learning, meeting new people, and ultimately becoming different people themselves. In miles, their journey spans about a third of the length of the Earth at the equator! After countless miles and adventures on the road, they have chosen Midcoast Maine to be their home. Please email by 3pm on March 17 to request an invitation and password to this event.