6:00pm - 7:00pm

Join writer Caroline Ailanthus for an interesting hour of conversation. Caroline is a science writer; from blogging about climate change and editing scientific papers to her meticulously-researched fiction, her projects blend science and story. She grew up in Delaware and attended various small, odd schools, mostly in New England. She now travels often, but usually lives in Maryland with her husband and assorted animals.

Caroline has a BA in Environmental Leadership and an MS in Environmental Studies. When not writing fiction or walking her beagles, she works as a free-lance writer and editor. She is the author of two blogs, The Climate in Emergency ( and The School with No Name ( Her short non-fiction, and occasionally her short fiction, has appeared in multiple publications, including Pangaia, Dreamstreets, and Appalachia, among others. Ecological Memory is her second book, after To Give a Rose. You can look up her latest exploits on her website, News From Caroline (

Please email prior to 3pm on April 28 to register for this special event.