6:00pm - 7:00pm

Join Doug Coffin for a talk about his creative talents and diverse careers. Douglas M. Coffin is a life-long doodler on paper of both words and images, and decided at age 23, that he wanted to be a nationally syndicated cartoonist. Down he went to New York City to draw the figure, supporting himself as a graphic designer, and to develop both his cartoon style and his writing. He conceived of his characters, two elderly, maiden sisters who lived in a small town in New England, with a postman and a handyman for friends. After three years, Coffin left New York for his home in Maine and launched his concept, “Cronies,” in Maine Times, a statewide paper back in the 70s. In 1978, NEA, part of United Feature Syndicate, picked up “Cronies” renamed it “Fletcher’s Landing” and it was launched daily and Sunday and ran for three years. Coffin was the editorial cartoonist for the Waldo Independent, for 22 of its 23-year run from 1985-2008 and his exhibit, due for its debut at Vose Library on April 1st (tomorrow), is a compilation of how Belfast came to be the city it is by gathering his cartoons around the issues of long ago to show what went on back then. In 1988, temporarily down in Philadelphia, Coffin chanced across a demonstration of the English tradition of carving letters in stone by hand by a British lettercutter. With typography, calligraphy, two-dimensional design and deep hand tool experience, he was startled to realize that he had all the skills to do this! Thirty-two years later, he still does. His daughter joined him ten years ago and they are Coffin & Daughter hand-carving memorials, gravestones, donor walls and buildings in their studio on the coast of Maine. “Much as I love designing and carving letters in stone, cartooning was my most creative, and most demanding, outlet. I am delighted to be able to post this collection at the Vose Library in Union. Delightfully, I published a book “One Maine Christmas Eve” in 2015 through Tilbury House Publishing in Thomaston that mentions my favorite country fair of all times: your Union Fair.

Recording of Douglas Coffin; Renowned Cartoonist, Children's Author, and Letter Cutter