September 24th at 7pm, Dr. Sears, Medical Director for the Maine Center for Disease Control will discuss the challenge of Mosquito Borne diseases in Maine. In the last few years Maine has had both West Nile Virus (WNV) as well as Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus(EEE) identified in several areas of the state. In 2009 several horses died from EEE in central Maine and in 2012 a man in Portland contracted WNV. These viruses are carried by mosquitoes. This talk will look at the what , where ,and why of WNV and EEE in Maine. In addition if it was not enough to worry about mosquitoes we also need to watch the woods for rabies and the talk will examine rabies in Maine, how common is it? What can we do and what can we expect and what can we do to protect ourselves?

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