Movie theater with famous stars as the audience

We show movies! Thanks to our movie license, we can show movies to the public as long as they’re on our vendor’s list. The movies are free, but donations are appreciated to help cover our annual movie licensing fee. Our upcoming movies are listed here. We plan to adjust our schedule over the summer, so let us know what works for you and if you have ideas or suggestions!

Jack Reacher (2012, R) May 8, Monday, 7pm
Loving (2016, R) May 18, Thursday, 7pm
Moonstruck (1987, PG) May 22, Monday, 1pm

Remember the Titans (2000, PG) June 12, Monday, 7pm
La La Land (2017) June 15, Thursday, 7pm
Mrs. Brown (1997, PG)  June 26, Monday, 1pm