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Costumed kids at a library program

Friday, October 31, 5-7pm. Do you enjoy seeing children in costumes for Halloween? Wish you would get a few trick-or-treaters? This year we will be holding a “Trunk or Treat” on Halloween. Here is how it works: decorate the trunk of your car for Halloween and bring some treats to hand out. The kids will trick or treat at the vehicles, and can enjoy cider and a small snack at the Library before continuing with their festivities. We hope you’ll come out and have some fun with us on Halloween, while providing a safe and enjoyable venue for the little ones this year. We ask that you sign up your vehicle by Monday, Oct. 27, and keep your decorations kid-friendly (not too scary!).

One thought on “Trunk or Treat: Halloween at the Library

  1. What a wonderful Trunker Treat! My family and I are SO appreciative for the effort given by the Library, volunteers and the folks who decorated trunks. I was struck by how creative and how much detail went into each trunk. We are incredibly grateful to be living in such a fun, giving and loving town. Thank you! Rachael Umstead

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